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What is is an investment platform managed by Tradecapitalinvest (company number: 10567436 - click for more information).
We are experts in automated trading and financial markets, especially cryptocurrencies.

How long does it take for my contract to be added to my account?

If you pay with Perfect Money or Payeer, your account is updated as fast as you invest.
If you pay by bank transfer, your account is updated within 3 business days.
If you pay with cryptocurrencies, you have to wait for the confirmation of the transaction through the Blockchain network.

How long does the withdrawal request process take?

Withdrawal requests may take up to 48 hours to be processed.

What if I would like to invite other members? Is there any affiliate program?

Yes, there is a career plan that can enable you to win massive rewards. There are 9 ranks to reach:
1. ROOKIE: You unlock commissions from the first two levels in your downline: 7% from level 1 and 4% from level 4.
2. LEADER TEAM: You unlock commissions from level 3: 3% + you win a $75 bonus.
3. MANAGER TEAM: You unlock commissions from level 4: 2% + you win a $250 bonus.
4. VICE DIRECTOR: You unlock commissions from level 5: 2% + you win a $750 bonus.
5. DIRECTOR: You unlock commissions from level 6: 1% + you win a $2,000 bonus.
6. VICE PRESIDENT: You unlock commissions from level 7: 0.5% + you win a $10,000 bonus.
7. CHAIRMAN: You unlock commissions from level 8: 0.5% + you win a $20,000 bonus.
8. PLATINUM CHAIRMAN: You unlock commissions from level 9: 2.5% + you win a $50,000 bonus.
9. DIAMOND CHAIRMAN: You win a $150,000 bonus.

You need to comply with two requirements to achieve a new rank: personal deposit and team deposit. More details are available on this page.

What is the business model of the company? seeks to provide trading solutions and significant returns to our customers. Over the last 4 years, we have averaged 28.7% on a monthly basis.

We offer these trading solutions through four investment contracts:
- Basic: around 20% monthly
- Performer: around 24% monthly
- Supreme: around 30% monthly
- Turbo: around 46% monthly
Our customers invest in one of these contracts, and they benefit from a daily passive income the very next day.
In return, we apply a performance fee: 30% of the daily return.
So, the net returns are:
- Basic: around 14% monthly (perf fee included)
- Performer: around 17% monthly (perf fee included)
- Supreme: around 21% monthly (perf fee included)
- Turbo: around 32% monthly (perf fee included)

In addition to the performance fee, once the platform has achieved a +100% return (only 50% for Turbo) on the client's initial investment, the Contract is then completed, and all future profits are paid to
These two measures enable us to ensure the sustainability of our business model.

I would like to make an Ethereum deposit. But I cannot include the input data you provide in my personal ETH wallet. What should I do?

No problem, you can make your deposit by using only our ETH address. The input data enables you to get an automatic deposit, but it is not mandatory.
So your ETH deposit must be added manually. Please contact us and provide the transaction ID (its length is around 60 characters).

I regret my investment. Is it possible to be refunded?

Reimbursements are authorized under the following terms and conditions:
1. A refund request must be made by email to The Client must send the Company the following documents: proof of identity + proof of address.
2. Upon receipt of the refund request and the Client's documents, the Company undertakes to refund the Client within 15 business days.
3. The Client agrees to pay the reimbursement fee: 11% of the amount of the contract(s) to be reimbursed.
4. The Client may request a refund at any time. In addition to the repayment charges mentioned in 3, the total amount of the withdrawals made will be deducted from the total repaid by the Company.
Example: The Client has invested $100,000. He withdrew a total of $56,000 on the day his refund request was validated. The reimbursement fee is 11%, i.e. $11,000. The Company must therefore pay the Client $100,000 - $56,000 - $11,000, i.e. $33,000.

I have a question that is not answered in this FAQ. Could you please help me?

We invite you to consult our "Tutorials & Documents" section, which contains videos and explanatory documents.

- for any technical question relating to your account and your contracts.
- for questions related to the development of or any collaboration request.

How to invest with

First of all, you have to open your account. Then you can buy your first Contract. All deposits must be made through your dashboard. You can log in using the member username and password you receive after your registration.

How much will I earn in with your Contract?

The Contract of the company is an investment contract to benefit from our trading solutions.
There are four contracts: Basic, Performer, Supreme, Turbo.
Here are the features of these contracts:

- Deposit range: from $100 to $2,499
- Monthly return: 14% (up to 0.5% daily)
- Expiration at 200% (meaning: +100% profit)
- Trading method: Automated systems
- Bots: Crypto-bot

- Deposit range: from $2,500 to $24,999
- Monthly return: 17% (up to 0.7% daily)
- Expiration at 200% (meaning: +100% profit)
- Trading method: Automated systems
- Bots: Crypto-bot and Forex-bot

- Deposit range: from $25,000 (no limit: high-quality contracts, even better than the Supreme Contract will be suggested to our best investors)
- Monthly return: 21% (up to 0.9% daily)
- Expiration at 200% (meaning: +100% profit)
- Trading method: Automated & Discretionary systems (meaning: there is a manual trading to improve the daily returns)
- Bots: Crypto-bot, Forex-bot, Gold-bot, and Stock-bot. 4 bots to make the most of our systems.

- Deposit range: from $100 to $1,000
- From 1.2% to 1.8% every business day (no earnings on weekends)
- Weekly return: 7.5%
- Monthly return: 32.5%
- Expiration at 150% (meaning: +50% profit)
- Trading method: Automated systems
- Bots: Second Forex-bot (only works on GBP/USD and GBP/JPY).
- Only one active contract per Client. You will be allowed to buy a new Turbo contract once the first one is closed.

Which payment methods do you provide?

You are allowed to take advantage of a wide range of payment methods:
- Bank Transfer
- Perfect Money
- Payeer
- Bitcoin
- Ethereum
- Litecoin
- Bitcoin Cash
- Monero
- Ripple

Please note that investing in several Contracts enables you to have several cash balances at your disposal (all your contracts are entirely independent of one another).
Particular case: If you pay by bank transfer, we will credit your Bitcoin deposit wallet manually (using the current BTC/USD rate). Then, your withdrawals have to be made using Bitcoin too.

Is my daily profit guaranteed?

At, we have achieved consistent returns for our clients; over the last 4 years, we have averaged 28.7% every month (Feel free to ask our track record!)
However, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

What are the contracts limits?

Every payment method sets deposit limits for the four contracts.

* If you pay with Perfect Money or Payeer:
- Basic: from $100 to $2,499
- Performer: from $2,500 to $24,999
- Supreme: from $25,000 and without any maximal limit
- Turbo: from $100 to $1,000

* If you make a bank transfer:
- Performer: from $2,500 to $24,999
- Supreme: from $25,000 and without any maximal limit
Remark: You cannot buy Basic or Turbo Contracts using this payment method.

* If you pay with Bitcoin:
- Basic: from 0.01 BTC to 0.19999999 BTC
- Performer: from 0.2 BTC to 1.99999999 BTC
- Supreme: from 2 BTC and without any maximal limit
- Turbo: from 0.01 BTC to 0.1 BTC

* If you pay with Ethereum:
- Basic: from 0.25 ETH to 5.99999999 ETH
- Performer: from 6 ETH to 59.99999999 ETH
- Supreme: from 60 ETH and without any maximal limit
- Turbo: from 0.25 ETH to 3 ETH

* If you pay with Ripple:
- Basic: from 300 XRP to 7,999.99999999 XRP
- Performer: from 8,000 XRP to 79,999.99999999 XRP
- Supreme: from 80,000 XRP and without any maximal limit
- Turbo: from 300 XRP to 4,000 XRP

* If you pay with Bitcoin Cash:
- Basic: from 0.3 BCH to 7.99999999 BCH
- Performer: from 8 BCH to 79.99999999 BCH
- Supreme: from 80 BCH and without any maximal limit
- Turbo: from 0.3 BCH to 4 BCH

* If you pay with Pivx:
- Basic: from 200 PIVX to 4,999.99999999 PIVX
- Performer: from 5,000 PIVX to 49,999.99999999 PIVX
- Supreme: from 50,000 PIVX and without any maximal limit
- Turbo: from 200 PIVX to 3,000 PIVX

* If you pay with Dash:
- Basic: from 1 DASH to 24.999999999 DASH
- Performer: from 25 DASH to 249.999999999 DASH
- Supreme: from 250 DASH and without any maximal limit
- Turbo: from 1 DASH to 15 DASH

* If you pay with Litecoin:
- Basic: from 1.5 LTC to 39.99999999 LTC
- Performer: from 40 LTC to 399.99999999 LTC
- Supreme: from 400 LTC and without any maximal limit
- Turbo: from 1.5 LTC to 20 LTC

* If you pay with Monero:
- Basic: from 1 XMR to 24.99999999 XMR
- Performer: from 25 XMR to 249.99999999 XMR
- Supreme: from 250 XMR and without any maximal limit
- Turbo: from 1 XMR to 10 XMR

What are the withdrawal limits?

There is no maximum payout amount. The minimum payout amount depends on your payment method:
- $5 for USD payment
- 0.005 BTC
- 0.1 ETH
- 0.5 LTC
- 0.1 BCH
- 0.3 DASH
- 100 PIVX
- 100 XRP
- 0.4 XMR

Are there any fees to invest/withdraw my funds?

We do not apply any fees, neither for investments nor for withdrawals.

What happens to my incomes if the crypto-market is subjected to a decrease?

These rewards can be divided into three categories: passive income, referral commissions, and career plan bonuses.

Your daily passive income is credited into the same currency as your initial Contract (Basic, Performer, Supreme, Turbo).
For example, if you have invested 10 ETH into a Performer Contract, you receive up to 0.07 ETH every day, no matter how the Ethereum price (in USD) is fluctuating.

Your referral commissions are credited into the same currency as the Contract of your referral.
For example, if you have made a single $500 investment with Payeer, but one of your direct referrals invests 100,000 XRP, then you receive 7%, that is to say, 7,000 XRP in your virtual's Ripple cash balance. The Ripple price (in USD) does not impact your referral commission, just like the previous case.

Conversely, the amounts in the career plan - bonuses as well as required thresholds - are expressed in USD.
Anytime someone in your downline purchases a Contract, the amount is converted to USD at THAT exact time, and then added to what we could call your "career balance USD". Once your balance reaches a new USD threshold, you get the USD bonus, which is instantly converted to the currency of your biggest contract and credited to your account.

EXAMPLE: Let us assume the following scenario:
- You have invested $1,000 with Perfect Money and 30 LTC (with Litecoin price equal to $50 at the time of deposit). Therefore your personal deposit is: $1,000 + 30 * $50 = $2,500
- The team deposit is currently equal to $22,000: it means that you need $8,000 in your team deposit to reach the DIRECTOR rank (according to the diagram from our Career page).
- A new direct referral has just joined your team and is about to invest 1 BTC.
There are two cases:
a) if the current Bitcoin price is $7,000 at that time, then the total deposit in your team is $29,000, which is lower than $30,000, and your rank is not yet upgraded.
b) if the current Bitcoin price is $9,000 at that time, then the total deposit in your team is $31,500, and you achieve the DIRECTOR rank. More precisely, you receive your bonus in your virtual's Litecoin cash balance because your LTC contract is bigger than your PM contract.

Who can create an account with

Due to financial regulation, citizens from the United States are not allowed to register.
Any individual or company from other countries can benefit from our services. You only have to be of age in your country.

How to open my Account?

Follow this link, fill in the registration form, and then press "SIGN UP".

How to withdraw my funds?

Login to your account using your username and password and check the Withdraw Funds section.

I have the impression that my income is smaller during week-ends. What is going on?

Forex, Gold, and Stock markets are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. As a consequence, our automated trading systems work less, and the returns decrease.

Is it possible to reinvest my earnings (passive income / commissions)?

Yes, you can buy investment contracts through real money deposit AND also through your earnings on the platform. To do this, go to the left menu, "Withdraw funds", and in the "Action" field, select "Send back to Deposit Wallet to Reinvest". This will transfer the money from your Cash Balance to your Deposit Wallet, and you'll be able to buy a contract in the "Buy Contracts" section.

When do I get my daily profit?

Daily profits are always credited at 11:55 pm GMT+1.

Is my account protected correctly?

Yes, it is. Our website is protected against cyber attacks. Your data are secured and will never be forwarded to any third party. You can improve safety by using a strong password or other settings like Google Authenticator.
WARNING: We are not responsible for any loss you might encounter. Please be careful with your account.

Are multiple accounts per household allowed?

No, this is strictly forbidden. We authorize one account per household. That means you cannot invite your wife/husband or any individual who shares your residence.

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